Bristol Fringe Podcast by yours truly…

The podcasts for the reading I did for Bristol Fringe on March 17th have been put up on Cheryl’s website here.

There are three pieces…

1) My short story Getting There, which is near future and down to Earth in Bristol (seemed a rather appropriate story to read considering the circumstances). The story was originally e-published by Kraxon Books in February this year.

2) In a sense building on the theme of the short story (though the short story was written afterwards) is an excerpt from my novel. Sorry, but it is not published, so no link to the written words. This is up off-Earth on one of the moons of Uranus – Miranda to be precise.

3) Then of course, a very short excerpt from the new story about C.A.T. (the cheeky thing has already sneaked around the internet. found it and blogged with a characteristic smug self-satisfied MeWow!). One way or another this will get published in due course and you can find out all about what was puzzling C.A.T. in the story then.

Then there was an question and answer session – hope I didn’t make a fool of myself!

My thanks go to Cheryl for compering and editing out the (ahem) stutters from my reading. Thanks to those who organise Bristol Fringe readings and put together the podcasts.


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