C.A.T.’s a-wheedling!

Oh dear… C.A.T.’s got his ‘wheedling and I won’t give up until I get what I want’ mode on. His been going on about having a birthday, like us humans.

I said no, absolutely not. He wasn’t born like my other cats (the boys, Jaspar and Rufus, were born on 12th May in the middle of a nettle bed in the middle of a thunderstorm… what an auspicious start for them!)

He grumbled and mingled, pointing out he did like my other cats come into existence.

Well, I had to agree with him there. So I asked him when he wanted his birthday to be.

He gave me answer.

I said no absolutely not. That was the day the great earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and went on to cause the Fukushima meltdown, with a horrendous lost of life, injuries and damage to property, farming and wildlife.

Do you know what the cheeky thing replied?

That it wouldn’t be a day I would forget. I was to consider it an even more auspicious day for him!

Don’t you hate it when computers like him come back at you with cold logic?

Then he decided that as he now had his own blog, he would declare his birthday on that…

… well, what can I do, except wish him the normal felicitations?

Happy Birthday, C.A.T. for tomorrow, March 11th. It’ll have been three years since his first short story was published, and it only seems like yesterday…


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