Science Fiction Women Writers

It seems there’s a push to help women get into writing science fiction, and more importantly recognise their contribution to the genre…

First off, Lightspeed are doing a special women only edition in June… details here for submissions. Note they are funding this issue through kickstarter which can be found here. [Update: Both the kickstarter and submissions are now closed. The kickstarter exceeded an incredible $50,000.] Note it has already exceeded its funding goal… but has like many kickstarters, stretched goals. [Men can’t complain about the funding being diverted for this issue, as it’s coming from the donations.]

The Arthur C Clarke has announced part 1 of the list of this year’s entries. There are 33 novels, by women. I particularly pleased to see Stephanie Saulter on the list as she has regularly attended Bristolcon. The entries written by men will have to wait until Part 2 is published.

Finally the Mammoth Book of SF by Women is in the preparation stage (submissions are closed), but you can see details here.

Will it do any good for women SF writers?

Only time will tell….

5 thoughts on “Science Fiction Women Writers

  1. Good luck ladies…

    As to the question of hiding the genre, I suspect that those who write towards the fantasy end of theSF spectrum don’t. It’s kind of become acceptable for women to write at this type of science fiction.

    Some of those who write towards more science end of the spectrum probably still do. The pressure is still there in places… regrettably.

  2. I suspect you’re right about that. I only have interest in the science end of the spectrum. I can cope with fantasy in film format, not books. Don’t know why, that’s just my preference. 🙂

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