Free to Enter Science Fiction Competitions for 2014

Here’s my 6-monthly list of free to enter competitions in alphabetical order – well I don’t want to be accused of favouritism, do I?

a) Baen’s Bar – still going as strong as ever – see here. The editor goes through the subs and if you’re lucky enough to catch his eye it will get published with fee being paid. Be warned, he has very few slots available. But you do get critiques of what you submit from fellow writers.

b) James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest that looks for hard, near future, space-based science fiction – deadline normally 1st February each year and this is the case for 2014. Word count limit is 8,000.  See here.

c) James White competition- this is an annual competition – it opened on 1st June this year and it’s closing date is 31st Jan 2014 – so you’ll need to get your skates on if you want to enter this. See here. Word count limit 6,000.

d) Writers of the Future contest – up to 17,000 words and many budding science fiction writers have worked their through their echelons Open for one story per quarter – unless of course you are successful! Their year ends 30th September. Its forum can be found here.

The observant amongst you will realise two entries have been dropped from my previous post, ARC and Zharmae. The latter shows no sign of a competition on its website as far as I can see. ARC says it will open for submissions during this year, but gives no indication of when or for what type.

Good luck to anyone entering any one of these and a Happy New Year for 2014!

There is a submissions tracker site that is free and ask only for donations It’s here. Please note it is still at beta version i.e. at a late stage in the development of the app.

And of course there’s the long standing Ralan – which is here.


5 thoughts on “Free to Enter Science Fiction Competitions for 2014

  1. Arc doesn’t seem to have taken off. I haven’t bought an edition since 1.2. As I understand it, 1.3 was a long time being released and Arc 1.4 was even later; it was released over a year ago though I understand that 2.1 is due this month?

    Thanks for these Rosie and good luck with any you choose to enter!

    1. Good luck with your short stories.

      Regarding ARC, I’m as disappointed as you that the magazine isn’t going as great guns as I hoped, though I have a suspicion this may be due to factors out side the editorial team’s control. However, they have the following message on their blog site:

      It’s been a long wait but we’re very pleased to tell you that next year Arc is back and will be published every two months. The first issue of the year (2014), Exit Strategies, will be out on 22 January and includes new writing from Jeff Noon, Kathleen Ann Goonan, M John Harrison and many more. We’ll announce the full Exit Strategies line-up along with what to expect in early January

  2. Hi Rosie. They say great minds think alike. So you know I’m not copying you,I am having a catch up on other blogs (I never seem to get enough time to keep up to date) before blogging about the James White award. Then I need to get cracking on my entry! Many thanks for the other ideas 🙂 Justine

  3. Hello Justine, The more people know about the James White the happier I am… it’ll encourage others to write and enter. There’s a good team behind this who just want see more interest in science fiction.

    Good luck with your story.

    Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get a chance to enter this year (boo hoo hoo). I need to finish three shorts before mid-February (it was four before Christmas, but I’ve managed to sub one story), which are all promised elsewhere.

    1. I have to admit I got totally sidetracked and lost momentum. Still early days though, but January is hotting up to be busy, busy, busy! Oh well – at least I got a blog out of it.

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