The tide is turning towards science fiction

First off, C.A.T. and I had a long talk. End result – C.A.T. now has his own blog which is here . The astute amongst have already found it. I didn’t realise C.A.T. had so many fans! As an author I feel rather humbled and thank you. All I’m going to say for now is that over the next year or so, expect some interesting blogs.


I have now got my hands on the 2012 numbers for new novels published in science fantasy genre, courtesy of Gardner Dozois, who in turn obtained them from Locus. Both Horror and Paranormal Romance have dropped, whilst Fantasy and Science Fiction have increased their numbers from 2011. Interestingly while fantasy went up by 2%, science fiction went up by 4%. Could this be the start of the turn of the tide for science fiction?

It looks to me as if Fantasy is reaching its market saturation point, at least for now, (Paranormal Romance used to divided mainly between Fantasy and Horror until 2006). Science Fiction at last is starting to expand, well after the others have already done so. So things are looking up Science Fiction!


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