Something Strange is happening in Science Fiction

My apologies to all you good readers of my blog for the last post, which has now been erased! My thanks also to to Justmoo33 for her support in not encouraging him. I have of course now deleted that post.

C.A.T. has now been banned from putting up any more posts on my blog. PERMANENTLY.

This is a serious blog being serious about science fiction – not some play about arena for an erratic egotistical piece of software!

Talking of serious matters…

After all the excitement of Dr Who’s special 50th anniversary program (which was a good one), I seem to detect things have gone a bit quiet on the science fiction front… or is it me.

Of course on the novel front, Angry Robot is holding an open call for unagented novels until the end of the year. Unlike the Harper Voyager call last year, there does not seem to to be the flurry of entries that I was expecting. Certainly I wasn’t expecting as many, but I still would have like to seen some more excitement about it on the internet than I’m actually detecting.

Interzone has now gone down the road of allowing e-mail submissions – and their turn-around for rejections at least seems to be have been cut down to days (at least when you view stats on Grinder).

But what I was searching for was a list of science fiction conventions in the UK next year. Loncon3 is bound to muck timetabling and resources to run the usual conventions about a bit… from what I can make out we have:

Satellite 4 (Glasgow over Easter – the normal BSFA-centred convention)

The Nine Planets (2nd weekend in August)

Loncon3 (3rd weekend in August)

Bristolcon (October 25th at Bristol)

Novacon (3rd weekend in Nottingham)

The first three have something in common that caught my eye – the relationship between science and science fiction… they’re all doing something about it in one form or another… why after years of dystopia and new weird and fancy and emphasis on YA are we having this new emphasis? And what is more, where are the science led science fiction novels?

Any ideas? Anyone?


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