Newsy bits and bobs….

Well, what a bundle of news is going in the real world… auditions starting today in Bristol for Star Wars VII… a satellite (ESA’s GOCE) about to fall to Earth in bits – latest estimate is Sunday night or Monday morning and a six-tailed asteroid! You couldn’t write this as fiction, because nobody would believe it… oh I don’t know…

In the meantime from the science fiction worlds…

I’m absolutely delighted to say that The Kraken Rises anthology is now available through Amazon. In it is  a short science fiction story by yours truly entitled Return, which is set on Durdham Down. Written in, as it turned out, very much less than 24 hours as part of a Bristol Literature festival event, it is one of my off-beat stories… well when a science fiction writer includes something about the Druids, what do you expect?  The important thing about this anthology is that all proceeds will go to Bristol Festival of Literature – which will allow the organisers to put on better events. I have heard rumours that they are hoping to do something super-duper on science fiction front next year…

C.A.T. has now got his own little maths column – in the TWB Press newsletter – you only need to be able to do simple arithmetic to understand what he’s going on about. If you want to know more sign up here.



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