More Cat Legends

In my post about Guard Cat being published I mentioned one of the story’s inspirations was my Grandma taming a real wild British cat…

…well, my cousin kindly sent me a copy of a photo of her with her other cat, Nicky….

img231Yes it’s that big black thing on her lap. But Nicky is a family legend in his own right…

He was once owned by a neighbour across the street, but was kept on a lead of barbed wire – yes I did say barbed wire. Grandma did not approve. She strode over there and taking Nicky firmly said to the neighbour, “The cat’s now mine.” The neighbour never argued or protested about it. The barbed wire of course came off at once. Nicky was a very grateful cat to Grandma and was well behaved when she was around. Anyone else was another matter…

Grandma had to go out on a short errand one day and told my father (then a nine-year-old boy) to stop Nicky eating some raw beef she had put out ready to go into the oven. As soon as she was gone, Nicky took one look at the beef and one look at my father guarding it. Of course, Nicky had the beef!

…and Nicky looks so peaceful in the photo – the butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth type of cat!

Yes, Nicky was part of the myth that went into science fiction of Guard Cat – who would have thought it at the time? [I reckon the photo was taken early-1950s judging by the age of my relatives.]


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