C.A.T.’s video

I’m sure C.A.T. has got an annoy-the-author app… conversation went like this…

C.A.T. – Why haven’t you done it?

Me – What?

C.A.T. – You’ve forgotten all about it, haven’t you?

Me – I’m busy

C.A.T. Grrr… after all the trouble that nice chap Terry’s been to to produce it. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Honestly, no organisation, planning or anticipation. Why do I have to do all the thinking around here….

Me – Oops, sorry C.A.T., but  have been rather busy, you know

C.A.T. – What could me more important than me? Now get that lovely, gorgeous video on your blog… or I’ll scratch your new car when you get it….

Me – You wouldn’t? You would…

So here it is the link to the video of C.A.T. that Terry Wright over at TWB Press has kindly put together. Enjoy

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