Bring out the champagne – Guard Cat is here!

The third in the C.A.T. series – Guard Cat – is published and available from all good e-book stores, including the publisher, TWP Press and Amazon UK.

Just when C.A.T. thinks life on Triton Base is back to normal, an old love interest from Commander Zacman’s past shows up. And if that’s not bad enough, she brings with her a very special kind of robo-cat, A Mark 4 female Guard Cat with an alluring tail and a set of whiskers that are shockingly dangerous. She’s one screaming mean feline that will teach him the meaning of love and the consequences of partaking in such human of endeavors.

The Mark 4 female Guard Cat is based on the British Wild Cat … why that, you may ask?

My grandmother grew up in the wilds of Northumberland (in the UK). There she made friends and tamed a real British wild cat. The story goes that this wild cat would not let any man near her, except the one who became my grandfather… it’s a true family story… such things are legends made of!

My thanks go to Terry Press for bringing out this wonderful story into the big wide world!

And yes I’ll be reading an excerpt from it at Bristolcon next Saturday as the organisers have been kind enough to give me a reading slot!

Guard Cat Full Detail

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