Voyager 1 out of the Solar System…

unmanned scientific probes Voyager
unmanned scientific probes Voyager (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s official – Voyager 1 has left the Solar System to become our our first interstellar spacecraft. See here.

It’s a pity that my novel has to use Voyager 2 instead… here’s the relevant excerpt…

“… Tucked to her side was the first of the ice-carved cameos that were carved all the way up the staircase. The photo was too small to do justice to its detail.

She could now see that the cameo’s intricacy was limited to the surface of Miranda, just like the Voyager 2 probe had photographed it way back in 1986. The carved spacecraft was clumsy in comparison with all its large geometrical surfaces and long lines. It looked like something cobbled together out of bits from a junkyard.

The next cameo was of the Shakespeare lander and its sleek rover, Hathaway, rolling down a ramp onto the cracked ice floor of the Syracuse Sulcus in 2069. …”

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