Embroidering science fiction?

Morrisons 916 CF
Morrisons 916 CF (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

I was walking my shopping back to the car at Morrison’s thinking random thoughts about things like my embroidery, the local flower show, the lack of red currants this year, the fact it is a pity that my novel will never be published with part of the problem being the difficulty in visualising the scenes, hoping the lemons would be tart enough for the lemon curd (home-made variety I hasten to add), all utterly boring stuff, when serendipity intervened and I had what I call a blip moment.

My mind for want of a better word crashed my novel with a cross-stitch picture I had completed in 1995 (it went on to win the Rangeworthy WI Needlecraft that year at the village flower show). I had used a particular technique that was particularly suitable to the peacock picture. Why couldn’t I use that same technique for illustrating simple objects in four spatial dimensions? The more I thought about it, the more likely it would work. I’d have to choose the right colours and all that… Whoa… someone must have tried it before? Surely? Perhaps, but I’d never heard about? So what could be wrong with it? The sewing materials were all available in the shops – it was just a case of finding the right things to work together…

…anyway the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a practical proposition to put together…

…then another thought his me… this would be a new style of embroidery… at that point I decided the whole thing was too much for my tiny little brain and went home to mow the lawn.

Only that darned thought refuses point blank to go away. If I can embroider what I’m imagining (would need a few tries to get it absolutely how I wanted it), then part of the visualisation issue with my novel would just go away, vanish, disappear… and as a sideline come up with a new type of embroidery…

It’s at this point I think know I’m crazy – use embroidery to sell a novel? Why not computer graphics? Actually computer graphics is too limited for what I’m trying to do. Dag nab it, looks like a trip to an embroidery shop to get the wherewithal… and there is the centenary of the WI coming up in a couple of years time, which would allow me to showcase the idea…

But this does bring an interesting issue to the fore – computer graphics still need improving… now if only I could make a science fiction story out this thought…

So what I’m saying is that sometimes the craziest flow-through of ordinary thoughts can lead to something interesting in the science fiction field…


3 thoughts on “Embroidering science fiction?

  1. If you have seen just how lightning travels horizontally here – Pyrenees – because of the iron in the rock formations it must have made people think there was something magical about the mountains.

    Just a thought, but could you apply the principles of black work to get your 4 dimensions?

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