Ripple Effect – another piece of evidence

Remember my short story, Ripple Effect, published in Jupiter XXXVIII Pasithee…

Well now comes this… 

It’s not quite the same, but almost… enough to say, I told you so with my story…


2 thoughts on “Ripple Effect – another piece of evidence

  1. That reminded me of a couple of stories that appeared in Analog many, many moons ago. The military aspect : Weather War by William E. Cochrane and the industrial : The Cajamarca Project by Chatles Harnes.

    Although I do wonder why people are so up tight about the climate when they can’t even define what is actually going on and have to rely on models that, in fact, don’t actually predict anything – they do make nice scary graphs though that fewer people are believing now, especially after the last winter in the UK.

  2. Old stories indeed… 1976 and 1985 respectively, but welcome nevertheless.

    We in UK have always been concerned about our weather… in the olden days it was for fear of crop failure (food only came in sufficient supply to all people in World War II) and in modern times, having good holiday weather and the worry about heating bills.It’s very unpredictability is still of concern as they can only predict with any accuracy a few days ahead.

    The trouble with long term weather prediction is that we haven’t yet worked out what all the influences are – yes we know a lot of them, but not all. Which is why predictions have been losing credibility in the public’s eyes. But that is and will continue to change as we learn more, and one day our predictions will be accurate. Then the real climate wars will begin… who will have the rain for their crops and who will have the sunshine to attract the tourists and so on. The time to start sorting out these types of climate treaties is now… waiting leaves too many things to chance.

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