Another SF Prediction Coming True

issue29Looks like I’ve be at it again… you know that business of predicting the future through my science fiction writing. Well this time’s it rather more detailed and serious than just a throw away sentence hidden away in the prose. For those of you who’ve read Agents of Repair in Jupiter’s Issue 29, Thyone see here.

Now to the really worrying part of this post. This was the story that led me to C.A.T., a sort of stepping stone both story-wise and technology-wise. Now can you imagine a Solar System populated with arrogant, blundering, clever C.A.T.s?

So let’s add some more worrying aspects about the future. I’ve done a tech diagram of other aspects of what C.A.T. needs. Some are easier to develop that others, but over time I would expect all of them to come about. Whether they are bunched together in a C.A.T.-like configuration is another issue entirely, but the possibility exists. So if you want nightmares to dream about an exciting future examine the diagram carefully.




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