May the Fourth be with You!

Sorry, the resistance force in me weak is!

I’ve taken a look at the Amazon websites (plural means both the UK and US ones) and found new reviews for C.A.T. – thank you. They are by people I don’t know who have bought the e-book. Which means the word about how good the story is is spreading. In a way it’s a kind of milestone to actually know that complete strangers have taken enough of an interest in C.A.T. to buy it.

Needless to say C.A.T. is having a serious session of self-satisifeid smugness at the moment!

The other day I dug out a small piece of work that I did many years ago. I cringed at the style and wording, but still liked the ideas (yes plural again) behind it. So I rewrote it in a couple of evenings. Then it dawned on me… the science has since discovered things that make my scenario all the more probable. Again! I get the distinct feeling that there is something in the understanding of science and how it progresses that allows some people to accurately work out or have an intuition about how it will develop in the future. It’s  as if the force had been with me when I originally wrote that piece.

And yet as I look around at some of the hard science fiction that is being written today, this element of predictive science just seems to be missing. It’s as if the authors are rehashing, or is it rehearsing, old ideas. Where is the new science in science fiction?

So yes, I’m working on something new – a real combo of science to make life a little more bizarre. But in looking forward in science fiction, I’ve also looked back! I’ve realised that if I put my invention (for want of a better description) in a certain setting I could use a classic story line that Jules Verne wrote. Well that’s how it started out… dag nab it… the thing’s taken on a life of it’s own. All I can say is the force is with it!


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