Flight of Fancy?

Faster than light? ;-)
Faster than light? 😉 (Photo credit: AZso)

There was I at lunchtime, enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee thinking about what I could do with my newly designed spaceship – story-wise that is – when a thought struck me, “What if I did that?”

Nah – it won’t work, definitely not. What I need is that. Well yeah, that’s fine, but it’s still impossible. It has to be impossible. It just can’t be done.

Hold on a mo… there’s nothing wrong with the principles in the design, is there? No. It should work then, shouldn’t it?

Nah, it’s out of the question, absolutely and totally. Everybody says it is… well as good as…

But the tendril of thought keeps sneaking back… it’s a goer, a real super-duper goer.

Something has to be wrong… but what? It’s time to get out the textbooks again to find out where I went wrong. Otherwise we’ll have a way of travelling faster than light.

And it’s an interesting design for a spaceship… a design that may explain why we haven’t seen spacefaring aliens in our neighbourhood. Um… I’m getting that strange feeling that things are starting to fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle to explain lots of questions about existence and the universe.. And when you or I get that feeling, we both know we’re onto something… even if it’s only a cohesive background for a science fiction story…

But that tendril of thought keeps creeping back… it could just work…


One thought on “Flight of Fancy?

  1. There you have the big problem, do you take what is in the text books as being the last word on the subject or do you start thinking radical thoughts that will get the established orthodoxy up in arms.

    I remember back in the 50s there were some very good discussions on the letters pages of Wireless World when a young physicist questioned Einstein’s theories. The orthodox readers went all out trying to tear his arguments to pieces, they even tried to say his mathematics was wrong but couldn’t show where. Unfortunately I never did hear how it ended because I moved to a place where I could no longer get the magazine.

    If you have an idea that might just work, stick with it, incorporate it into a story much as Clark and the other ‘old timers’ did. At least if it is out there someone might just take it up and do something about it.

    At least it would be a departure from the current run of the mill, ‘doom and gloom’ navel gazing that appears to be the stock in trade of most US authors today.

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