In with the New Science Fiction

new dawn
new dawn (Photo credit: new 1lluminati)

I got me another novel to write… a lovely whopperful of surprises… it’s been creeping up on me by a little twist of fate here, an innovation there and the growing frustration with the science fiction that’s being published at the moment.

Whoa! you say. What about my completed novel? My view is that if nobody’s willing to publish a book that deals with real four spatial dimensional physics (not your common or garden Einstein variety where the fourth dimension is time), then I’m not willing to part with it or even self-publish it. And believe me, there’s nothing like that physics seen in science fiction… I’ve looked, searched and scoured the book shelves, electronic and physical. So that novel was entering a new dimension in science fiction! But sorry, folks, you ain’t going have chance to read it, ‘cos the publishing industry ain’t interested.

So what’s got me excited about the new novel? It’s all based on ideas I’ve been working up… one of them I thought was very silly, until I found an all too practical use for it. Suddenly the missing ingredient to make them merge into a story clicked in my tiny little braincell. [By now, one of my beta readers will be quaking in his boots, ‘cos I know he quietly reads my blog… te he he…]

But first, I must finish C.A.T.-3… well the original C.A.T.-3 was really C.A.T.-3 AND C.A.T.-4. I’ve completed the draft of C.A.T.-4 as far as I can take it without working up C.A.T.-3. But having a new novel to do research for, thrash out my ideas on and put ink to paper will incentivise me to complete these two stories.

And there is another short story in the wings on a completely different mathematical topic…. it’s driving me round in circles.

So don’t be surprised if I start spouting bits of interesting physics and science on this blog… this is gonna be one screamer of a ride! Science fiction as you’ve never known it before…


3 thoughts on “In with the New Science Fiction

  1. Hello Diesel-Electric,
    I suspect thinking in 3-D is what separates the natural engineers out from the rest of the population. I must admit trying to visualise 4-D hurt my brain rather, but I used the lessons learned of where I succeeded in my novel… and no I haven’t seen some of what I did anywhere else. Another reason not to give this novel away cheaply…sigh!

  2. Absolutely so! Anyone who has ever offered anything more artistic than Whitworth nuts and bolts to Her Majesty’s public knows fully the meaning of “pearls before domesticated pink smooth-skinned even-toed ungulates”.

    Because of our familiarity with its apparent effects one of my favourite brain-stretchers is trying to visualise time as “just another” spatial dimension and wondering why we feel so limited in our movements about it. At least, that’s what I tell people when they find me sitting glassy-eyed and dew-damp on the lawn having forgotten to go indoors to bed overnight.

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