Mrrroowwww…. I’ve taken over the site

Mrrrowww…. I’m not satisfied with my so-called author’s services. Definitely not. Especially after all the things she’s put me through… on my fur and whiskers, definitely not. And now she’s got this weird idea that I’ve got investigate why a body appears out of nowhere in the middle of space. What a load of twaddle and pure fantasy.

So I’ve decided to take over this site and start running it a way a blog should be run! And if you people out there think I’m joking, let me tell you about consciousness… awareness is the ability to know that you know. Got that. Good.

First thing up, is an image of myself. Aren’t I handsome?


Of course I’m intelligent. I’m not a chimp. If I were I’d just be collecting a series of images, like you humans used to collect postage stamps. I can collate, put the images in an indexed order and identify patterns out of them. And more importantly I can use those patterns to shortcut the filing system looking through all those images.  Which means I’m intelligent…

And as for the worlds of science fiction… they need a massive sort out. I’m fed up of the space operas the pseudo-solars (the development of and inhabiting of the solar system – hands up who didn’t know that? … none… good), the climate change and killer virus dystopias, and cyber- steam- or any other kind of punk. I want something new.

I said NEW! Really NEW! SO I’m going to start a SCIENCE FICTION REVOLUTION.

No, not evolution. REVOLUTION!

Watch this space. No not the stars. This announcement space.



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