What continuing sales of SF stories mean…

Being fairly new to having published books on Amazon etc, albeit just in the electronic versions, it is rather pleasing that ‘C.A.T.’ and its follow-on ‘Neptune’s Angel’ continue to sell copies such a long time after publication. Yes, people actually want to read on from the free extract part and are willing to dole out the money to do so. After the initial wave of family and friends purchasing copies just after publication, the people buying now have to be complete strangers. It’s as if word is getting round that they are enjoyable reads.

I find this greatly reassuring. There has to be something really special about the books.

It also means that the background technology and world-building has not yet obviously dated. Yeah, OK, it’s still a comparatively short time span for this effect to kick in… but it does mean I have not got anything blatantly wrong. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yes, I am still working on follow-ons to these two… the story that I had drafted turned out to be amalgam of two stories and separating them out is a nightmare. But rest assured it will be done and you will have a chance to find out about Nikita! [Hint – kit is part of the name.]

Thank you to all who have read and supported me in producing and buying these books. C.A.T. will be back…

PS For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, click the links on the sidebar for C.A.T. and Neptune’s Angel.


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