Imagination anyone?

I’m looking for a short word or phrase, not more than three syllables long, that means ‘vivid imagination’. But it also has to inspire like the phrases ‘fire ice’ and ‘Olympics’.

Yes, I’ve looked up the word synonyms (mind’s eye, thoughts,mind, head), but they all miss the quintessence of utter creativeness that I associate with imagination. If you by miracle can automatically associate it with science fiction, even better.

Anyone up for this challenge?


5 thoughts on “Imagination anyone?

  1. How do, Missus. Unless the need has passed, could you give a smidgen more of the context? It might trigger something.

    I love the imagination (well, mine anyway) and tend to live in it most of the time. My body might be doing practical things in reality but the homunculus is rarely watching the road, It’s like a hole that everything that ever there might be is trying to gush through, and I just sit to one side with my little fishing rod and net, oiking shiny things out of it.

  2. Hm… looks like this query has my audience stumped… ah well… I better start going boldly where no woman has gone before into the english language…

    Imagination – imaginarium… inbillning… quality… qualink… qualine…

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