Idea Generation Mechanisms for Science Fiction

There is a distinct warmth to the air after the winter chill, the birds are chirping, snowdrops are starting to appear… spring is in the air… and so is a little bit of excitement! At least for me…

What started out as writing workshop at Bristolcon last October has turned into a presentation at the British Academy of Management. See here for details. Just to give you some idea of what I’ll be talking about, here’s the title slide.


Yes, the title is exactly what this presentation is about – idea generation mechanisms, applicable to science fiction, but can also be used in science. And yes, the presentation includes examples from my writing, some published, others unpublished.

Now would I give such useful info away? Of course not! I think the next thing to do is an article. So you’ll have to wait until I find a suitable paying market!

For those of you interested, the nebula in the picture is that of the Helix Nebula, nicknamed the ‘Eye of God’. In a way I found this more than a little appropriate – but then I’ve got a very warped sense of humour.

[Thanks to NASA for this picture.]


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