Science Fiction and Literature – the Real Relationship

Oh dear… I’ve detected the rumbling re-emergence of the literature versus science fiction genre debate is creeping back into the limelight… so I’ll summarise my position for you…

Because science fiction comes up with new ideas, it has to state them clearly to get the reader buy-in. It is only after those ideas are accepted by the general readership that a lot of literary devices can be successfully used, and we get what people call literature. 

Of course this doesn’t mean literature is devoid of ideas… it just has very few ideas about the subject it is writing about. But it does have plenty of ideas about the presentation of material to help get reader buy-in to the story. 

In a way, science fiction (and by extension fantasy and horror) are building the framework for the literature of tomorrow. So any of the literati who sneer at science fiction are in fact wishing for the demise of their beloved literature. And it has been so ever since the birth of speculative fiction in the ancient world. 

I can only conclude that the literati who look down upon science fiction as inferior are very narrow-minded, and pretentious to boot.


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