Ripple Effect gets another good review

Sam Tomaino over at SFRevu liked my short story Ripple Effect in Jupiter 38. See his comments  here.

This is on top of my previous post -repeated below here (and deleted there!) …and yes, I’m still waiting…

Rod MacDonald has just reviewed Jupiter issue 38 (Pasithee) and here is what he says about my story, Ripple Effect…

‘Ripple Effect’ by Rosie Oliver covers a subject very close to the hearts of British people, namely the weather. Now, if we could only do something about it. Probably not, but what about the government? Who knows what they are cooking up and maybe we will find out in 40 years time. Interesting story, not far from the truth.

… hm… little does Rod know… but more anon when things have happened… no, you’ll just have to wait like I’m having to…

His overall comments for the issue were…

There we have it, another excellent edition of ‘Jupiter’. I’m already looking forward to number 39, something to lighten up the winter. As publisher Ian Redman states in this editorial, Science Fiction set in the near future is interesting and there are several stories of this nature in the magazine. Its fiction which affects our lives and the lives of our families and, because of that, it’s more immediate, challenging and possibly fearful.

So if you already haven’t, get a copy and enjoy reading it!

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