Bristolcon – small, but beautiful!

If you haven’t heard that last weekend’s Bristolcon was a great super-duper con, then where have you been? Certainly not browsing the internet.

But the reason it was made great was because of all the lovely people who helped out in their different ways… they all deserve a BIG THANK YOU and a ROUND OF APPLAUSE!

I certainly had a lovely time there and some of below are only a few of the highlights…

C.A.T was delighted to have a section of its first story read out – the bit about being threatened to be made into spare parts… and went all smug on me when John Meaney signed a book for me with the message: “To Rosie – My old friend…! Who knows all the errors… I need to find out what happened to the cat! All the best, J Meaney.”

I met Rob Harkess’s good lady wife for the first time ever… and we’ve been friends for several years now. She is an absolute peach… Rob is a very lucky chap!

The Kaffeeklatsch / writing workshop was very interesting… not a single true Brit in sight, which I found curious. And the people there were such lovely participants – thank you. For those who couldn’t attend, I’ll be writing up my notes about how to come up with ideas for science fiction into an article some time, in the hope of selling it somewhere. And no the ideas generators (yes plural) are not your standard run of the mill ones that you see in the how to write this, that and the other books. But you’ll have to wait for that article before I tell you more…

Then I had chance to have a brief chat with Dev Agarwal for the first time in eight years. Apart from catching up, we chatted about matters historic…

I met Colum (leather jacket and all) for the first time despite having science fictional interests in common. For instance, he like me has a short story due out in Jupiter.

And of course there was talk about doing an anthology for Loncon3… but that may be wishful thinking… or may be not… we’ll see.

And yet again, I was having so much fun that I missed out on meeting Geoff Nelder… but I did buy a signed copy of his book, Aria – Lost Luggage. It is good to see it out in print at long last, and I wish him every success with it, and the follow-on two volumes.

But because I was having so much fun, I feel I missed out on a awful lot… but then there’s next year to look forward to. October 26th is definitely booked in my diary!


2 thoughts on “Bristolcon – small, but beautiful!

  1. Thanks for buying ARIA: Left Luggage at BristolCon, Rosie. Sorry I missed you…. another time. ARIA has an advert in Jupiter mag coming up and one of my stories – think I’ve had 3 in it over the years. Good man that Ian Redman.

  2. Yes, it is your third, the previous ones were in Jupiter X (Weapons Sold Separately) and XXII (Gravity’s Tears)… oops this makes me sound like an science fiction geek… good luck with ARIA – Left Luggage.

    Agree about Ian being a good chap…. am working to make his life more interesting…

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