What does C.A.T. stand for? Take 2

A while ago (like nearly three weeks ago) I asked for suggestions as to what C.A.T. stood for? See here.

Thank you to all those who made suggestions both here and elsewhere…

Cyber for the C has cropped up a few times, and so has Animal Technology, which for those that have read the story makes perfect sense. However, the acronym that intrigued me the most was Cyber(tronic) Animal Technology.

Why this one? Well, there is more to C.A.T. than just a thing in a science fiction story. Yes, some serious thought went into C.A.T.’s design, especially the computer side of things.

At this point all the techies amongst you should be sitting up and taking notice… especially as the Cat design diagram elsewhere on this blog can only give an outline system view (halfway to an SV-1 in the systems engineering jargon). Yes, I do think C.A.T. as a technological entity (even its crazy behaviour) is a possibility for the future. Yes, I do think cyber technology if put together in the right processing order can produce what we call a conscience. No, I’m not joking… And yes, I do know of research that is happening today along the lines that would lead to a C.A.T. conscience.

O.K. – you’re either spooked or think I’m crazy… I’ll leave you to choose.

And yet, I don’t know of any cyber entity in science fiction that is as well designed as C.A.T. …

Do such stories exist?

One final thought – I do like Nicola’s suggestion of there being a model made by the same firm called the “Dangerous Optimised Golem” – built for guard work, of course. [I prefer Nikita – but that will have to wait until C.A.T.-3 is published for an explanation.]



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