What does C.A.T. stand for?

No I don’t mean its principles and values in its life or existence, whichever you prefer. It’s what its initials actually stand for? It’s been C.A.T. for so long that, well, it’s just C.A.T., isn’t it? What else could it be?

To be honest what its initials stood for had been one of those ‘back burner’ jobs to be done sometime, when the story line merited it. Well story number 4 in the series might just need an explanation.

How about Computer Authorised Terror? No that won’t do at all. That’s definitely not C.A.T. Well, there’s  Calculated Arrogance Trailblazer. Who (other than Commander Zacman of course, but then he has a lot to put up with) would call a robo-cat that?

So for a bit if summer madness, in between watching the Olympics and going holiday, how about coming up with some suggestions as what C.A.T. actually stands for? Here’s a picture to act as your inspiration point… don’t you just dig those cute little red eyes?

Oh, by the way, C.A.T. says it will only consider names that can be used in what humans call polite society…


4 thoughts on “What does C.A.T. stand for?

  1. Hello Nicola… Space Cougar sounds rather cool…. hm… I’ve already got another (but definitely very different type of robo-cat) lined up for the the third in the C.A.T. series… but maybe th eone after that?

    Will write a blog on answering what C.A.T. stands for in the next few weeks…

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