Skylon another step closer to reality

Just heard (or should I say read) that Reaction Engines have successfully completed another series of tests on their SABRE engine with novel heat exchanger technology. See here for more info…. maybe I ought to write another science fiction story with Skylon in (or if you want to read one now, read Neptune’s Angel).


2 thoughts on “Skylon another step closer to reality

  1. I’m starting to keep a closer eye on true civilian space efforts. Elon Musk and Burt Rutan have joined my pantheon of heroes. Might have to add whoever’s behind Skylon!

    1. To take a quote from their website: ‘Reaction Engines Ltd (‘REL’) was founded in 1989 by Alan Bond and the principal two engineers from Rolls Royce behind the RB545 engine programme, John Scott-Scott and Richard Varvill.’

      So it’s these 3 names you want, but Alan Bond is considered by many to be the driving force…

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