C.A.T. going where no robo-cat has gone before?

Hey! I had one of those apparently crazy ideas… that turns out not to be so crazy. You know what I mean, don’t you? It’s about that pesky C.A.T…. What else? Yes I know its readers find it cute, adorable, amusing and cheer it on at every turn…

But it occurred to me C.A.T. is actually a very good basis for a computer game! And it’s a computer game with a major difference from the ones we know and love…

Yes, C.A.T. does have an ultimate goal… hinted at in both its published stories to date… and C.A.T. would just adore to have a computer game written based on it! What’s more, it would be a game with a sense of humour!

So why did I think of it now? Well, the third story in its series is developing into something rather interesting, and in my humble view, rather special… no you’ll have to wait until its published. After all, it’s only fair on Terry Wright at TWB Press, my publisher who had faith in my C.A.T. stories…

2 thoughts on “C.A.T. going where no robo-cat has gone before?

  1. Hm… you make me sound like a politician in the comedy sense…. however, you can read the initial excerpts free from the first two stories (C.A.T. and Neptune’s Angel) at Amazon and TWB Press – links at the top of the right hand column of this blog – you’ll at least have some idea of the main characters involved. You’ll like Commander Yaric Zacman…

    All I’m going to say that as far as C.A.T. is concerned there are a few VERY SMALL plans afoot… but it’s not for me to say anything… that’s someone else’s prerogative…

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