C.A.T.-a-log of sales

Something interesting has been happening with sales of my e-books… there seems to be a tendency for a person to buy Neptune’s Angel, the second e-book in the series, then go back and buy C.A.T., the first book in the series. 

Not quite sure what this exactly means, except that C.A.T. now has more followers!

So my publisher was right about the advantages of having a character-led series of e-books and sales of follow-ons leading to sales of the first books. Good one Terry!

PS Better not tell C.A.T. about this… it’s smug enough as it is!


2 thoughts on “C.A.T.-a-log of sales

  1. Standard model. Works for trilogies/series too, but applies to any books in back catalog. Release of a subsequent episode or volume almost always results in renewed interest in back catalog.

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