Research at British Interplanetary Society

I spent a very profitable afternoon yesterday at the British Interplanetary Society in London doing research. It is a wealth of information and I am surprised that not more people use it.

Several things happened…

1) I found an obscure fact about Triton (C.A.T.’s home moon) that makes for a delicious C.A.T. type adventure. All I have to do now is start drafting it proper-like.

2) I did some research for a friend and hopefully I haven’t ruined his world-building exercise too much… preferably not at all.

3) I did a check on Miranda and was spooked. Why? I had got the moon more right than I ever could have imagined. Maybe I ought to take up the designer moon profession!

4) I bought a model of Skylon and it is now sitting proudly on my desk!

I would like to thank all the staff at BIS for being so wonderfully helpful.

And yes, BIS membership are taking more of an interest in science fiction, partly because of the pull-through from it into real planetary science. How far this interest in science fiction will go remains to be seen…

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