C.A.T. Design for Neptune’s Angel

As with all good characters, they develop over time. This is no less true of C.A.T., only in its case its design has been refined as well.

C.A.T. has also, in its own way, been nagging. With Neptune’s Angel being published on May 1st, it wants another story written about it. Yes, like all normal cats, it likes its attention… smug, arrogant, self-satisfied… what? oh sorry C.A.T… you want me to get on with this blog…

And the first step is to make sure I’ve got its design nailed down correctly. Well, here it is, the updated C.A.T. design as it now stands after its latest adventure.

Happy now, C.A.T.? What? You want me to…? Oh all right…

Someone who has read a preview copy of Neptune’s Angel has let me know that, “I did enjoy it and after thinking about it (it stayed with me) I am enjoying it more and more.”

Is that what you wanted. C.A.T.? … What do you mean get on with writing your new story? But I’ve got to… all right… stop nagging…

…there’s no peace for the wicked as they say…

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