What is in an SF name?

In one of my crazy moments, I thought I would list the names of my main protagonists in my short stories that have been published. And what an eclectic mix they are.

1. No name – not even known whether person is male or female because it is written from the ‘I’ point of view.

2. Dain – name chosen to deliberately rhyme with pain!

3. Miss Latimer – again written from the ‘I’ point of view, but the name was mentioned when another character had to mention her name.

4. General Maintenance Artificial Intelligence of GMAI for short – well it is a computer program after all!

5. Sven – as the story takes place in Sweden – perfectly reasonable don’t you think.

6. C.A.T. – well what else?

As for my forthcoming story in Jupiter… that’s another um… humdinger of a name.

Each name I’ve chosen is very apt for the character and story.But why do I feel I definitely have NOT got a thing for naming my characters? Is it because writing science fiction forces me to choose these oddball names? To help tell the story?

One day I’ll write something about an ordinary character… dream on!


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