Mathematical Science Fiction Stories… Or not?

2014 will see the 50th anniversary of UK’s Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. It is one of the most forward-looking and efficient professional institutes around. It’s efficiency even scares me!

So why am I mentioning this here?

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have a science fiction anthology based on the ideas of mathematics and what they can bring to the worlds (yes plural) of science fiction?

And that got me thinking… where are all the mathematical science fiction stories?

Yes there have been logic puzzles to solve. There have been robots, computers and artificial intelligences to deal with. There have been instructive stories about the fourth spatial dimension (see previous blog about this on here). And then I come to a halt at suggesting where to find them. Well, not quite… there is my short story, Displaced, based on the use of fractal dimensions in analysing where a rock came from. But are there any others? I can’t off-hand think of any at the moment.

Which does make for a very interesting point… maybe there is a subject matter hole in the science fiction canon that needs to be filled.

So if anyone wants to pull together this anthology on mathematical science fiction, they’ll have my whole-hearted support as I’m no good at such things…


2 thoughts on “Mathematical Science Fiction Stories… Or not?

  1. have you ever read Flatterland, by Ian Stewart? It’s fiction about math. not exactly science fiction, as everything in the book is actual mathematics, but the story is fictional.

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