C.A.T. has been to Sea!

I recently went on a cruise around the Christmas markets of Europe. And made the mistake of taking my short story C.A.T. with me.

During the cruise they offered us an opportunity to entertain our fellow guests, and I was mad enough to volunteer reading an excerpt of C.A.T. Yes, I actually stood up in front of several hundred people and read a three-hundred word excerpt. Judging by the applause, I didn’t do all that badly.

But here’s the interesting, and more serious thing. With the difficulties the book publishing industry is going through at the moment, the author has to look for alternate ways of earning a living. The lucky ones can sell film rights. The more famous ones get paid for giving talks. Others can earn money by teaching. But how about performance reading? The poets to it, so why can’t the short story writers do it?

Even more interesting is that science fiction can lend itself to far more different voices than, historical, crime or romantic fiction, say. That means the range of diction and voice can have more variety. I did C.A.T.’s diction is a kind of robotic / innocent child voice. Certainly different from the other genres.

I suspect performance reading will become more of a must, for various different reasons. And here science fiction, having this natural advantage is likely to do better than the rest.

So all I can say to those voices that say science fiction has had its day… RUBBISH!


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