Saab – The Next Generation?

I had one of those crazies that life occasionally throws up at you yesterday.

I learned that the date for the Saab bankruptcy hearing has been set for September 26th in Sweden.

That morning I had got a letter in the post saying that my local garage had just started selling new Saab cars. So what does the garage know that the rest of us don’t? Have they travelled into the future and found the iconic Saabs are still being made?

Now if they were to design a car that flies (which given they were once amalgamated with the Saab aircraft firm, is entirely possible)… But how would one go about designing such an interesting vehicle?

Well cars, led by Saab, actually have already incorporated some aerodynamic features to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency… so we’ve already taken one baby-step down that road. What next? Reducing the weight of the Saab to help it lift off… well carbon-fibre bodies definitely look promising in this respect, and we’ve already started down that road. Could we reduce the weight of the engine by the same method? Maybe some parts… Now where’s the flip-out wings… hm how about using that material that becomes solid when an electric current passes through it? We could use the same for the tailplane and its rudder…. Oh, this is getting exciting…

How about it Saab (to be)? Can you design my car to fly?

Now where did I leave my Viggen parked 15 years hence?


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