Black Planet and Anti-Matter

Robert Harkess has thrown down the gauntlet… he’s surprised I haven’t blogged about the black planet. Well, what is there to say? It’s all been said by the astronomers. The rest is up to the wonderful imaginations of the science fiction writing sisterhood / brotherhood.

Now if he had said I should be blogging about the recently discovered anti-matter between Earth’s Van Allen belts, that would have been totally another matter…

There has been some serious study into how to capture these anti-protons and use them for spacecraft fuel. Hold on a mo…

1 gram of this stuff, when mixed with 1 gr of ordinary matter produces the equivalent energy of 42.8 kilotons of energy…

So what else can this stuff be used for? Apart from generating energy and fueling spacecraft that is… The next kind of super-bomb, but the type you can carry round in your pocket?

Err… does this mean that any nation capable of space flight can harvest these antiprotons? Um… but Britain doesn’t have spaceflight capability… so is this country going to be left behind on the energy and weapon fronts? Anyway who is going to ensure that this anti-matter is harvested by the guys and gals for the benefit of humanity rather than its destruction….

Why do I think someone could do a novel about this? How about it Robert? Anyone?

As you can see, this is much more interesting than a mere black planet the size of Jupiter…


3 thoughts on “Black Planet and Anti-Matter

  1. Of course, if Rosie could actually spell my surname right after two years of working with me in crit groups…… 🙂

    I would love to explore antimatter gathering as a British space concern, Rosie, but I’m deep into plotting my next novel (under my secret alter ego pen-name) and being a steampunk/Urban Fantasy crossover there probably wouldn’t be much scope.

    You never know, though 😉

    1. Sorry about the name Rob… fingers not connected to the brain… I’ve corrected it in the blog.

      Go on… let’s see you do an anti-matter novel. Sure let the ideas mature first in the background while you finish your steampunk / urban fantasy. But then let your pen loose!

      Best Wishes, Rosie

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