Trojan Tarnations

There was I trying to write an interesting story to submit to Ian Sales’s Rocket Science anthology. It was going to placed in at the Earth’s in orbit leading Lagrangian Point (L4).

Guess what?

They’ve discovered a rock there… a veritable Earth Trojan. It has been designated 2010 TK7. It’s between 200 to 300 metres wide. The reason why it wasn’t discovered until last year was that it is in a bright part of the sky. Even then they had to use a space-borne infra-red telescope. If they’ve found one, they are likely to find more.

Bang goes my story… I now have to re-write.

Tarnations… I’ve been trojaned!



3 thoughts on “Trojan Tarnations

  1. I think the lagrange points are pretty wide, and that the object is kindof orbiting around it in a horseshoe pattern, so it shouldn’t really be a problem if you leave it out. There’s likely to be lots of crap that’s collected there (dust, rocks, alien probes).

    Failing that, as a spec-fic author, you can always just have the goddamn rock come to some unpleasant fate in the opening lines. Maybe it got used for antimatter-bomb tests, so now L4 is clear like you wanted it.

    ‘Course, we don’t actually know it is a rock, it’s a large object, that’s all we know.


    1. Thank you for your comments, Colum, and welcome to my little blog.

      If there is one Trojan, there’s likely to be another, and another, and another, until before you know they’ve discovered a whole swarm of them. They really are gregarious creatures… and they (those who have the say-so on what gets done in the space programs) are likely to send a space probe to find out more about these Trojans… I wanted an unexplored Lagrange point in principal. Nor will anti-matter thingys do it either. Sorry but my little interesting story is dead, parrot-fashion.

  2. # If there is one Trojan, there’s likely to be another

    Not if it’s an alien spacecraft!

    # Sorry but my little interesting story is dead, parrot-fashion.

    Surely not, it’s just one little rock? How can it eliminate an entire story?


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