Jupiter and Proofreading

Those of you who are eagle-eyed may have spotted that I’ve proof-read Jupiter XXXIII, Euanthe. I hope I have got all the typos! It’s certainly been an eye-opener as to what goes on behind the scenes in getting an issue to press, and I’ve only seen a small part of that process. Editors now have a lot more sympathy from me.

I’ll be proofreading some future issues, which I hope will let Ian Redman concentrate on improving the magazine. He’s done a wonderful job of it over the last 8 years and let’s hope he continues to move onto bigger and better things with Jupiter.

Just to reassure people, I did impose one condition on Ian before I accepted this job… if ever I submitted a story for publication in Jupiter, he would treat it exactly the same as any other story submitted to him. Otherwise it’s not fair on him (if he has a better story to put in, then he should put that in to encourage a greater readership), or me in the longer term (as I won’t have chance to rewrite and improve said story). Yes Ian still chooses ALL the stories. It is his magazine, after all.

So feeling a little bit smug and self-satisfied with my new, albeit small, role, I’ll leave you with a picture of Euanthe’s front cover…



2 thoughts on “Jupiter and Proofreading

  1. You can never get all the typos, there’s always more.

    Glad to hear that Ian is getting some help. Running a magazine single-handed is heroic, but maybe also a little hubristic!


    1. Hello Colum,

      I know about typos and how the slip so easily past even the most eagle-eyed… especially when it comes to my own writing! One of the reasons I’m helping out… That and it’ll give Ian chance to do other things….

      Best Wishes, Rosie

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