C.A.T. – the beginning

Today is C.A.T.’s debut on the wires, cables and electromagnetic waves of Earth. It has finally had to come out of hiding and here’s the start of its short story…

Triton Base on the frozen moon orbiting Neptune:

C.A.T. sensed it was going to be a bad fur day when Commander Zacman rushed in through the sliding door and shoved his robo-cat off his desk. The electro-mechanical feline barely had time to wipe all traces of its search for local self-learners off the net-screen, let alone twist around to land on its paws.

Another man entered the space-base command office at a more measured pace. C.A.T. engaged its facial recognition app. Bald head. Canted brows. Crooked nose. Pinched lips. The Chief of Engineering. Nobody knew his name, just called him Chief. “That plane was in full working order. I checked her myself.”

“Damn it, Chief,” Zacman said, skimming his fingers over the net-screen. “It’s the third one we’ve lost in as many months.”

… if you want to find out more go to www.twbpress.com/cat.html where C.A.T. is waiting to meet you!

But how did C.A.T. start out? Like all memorable characters, as a bit part in a novel I had been attempting to write. It sort of insinuated itself first as an ordinary robo-cat for Commander Zacman, then it misbehaved, then it sort of wanted to take over the whole novel. The only way I could have my novel back was to give it its own novel. But was that enough? No C.A.T. wanted more… it wanted back story and a history… this story forms part of its history. You know what that means, don’t you? This story is only the beginning…

3 thoughts on “C.A.T. – the beginning

    1. Hello Brian,

      C.A.T. is letting its robo-cat system take over for a while and is catly curled up in Commander Zacman’s chair in Triton Base’s control centre. After all, it wouldn’t do to give its self-learner capabilities away, especially after all this excitement. It’s amazed and bemused at all the interest that has been shown in its little adventure in the rings of Neptune.

      There will be more… C.A.T. will get itchy electro-neurals before long…. it’s a case of when, not if…

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